Monday, 9 May 2011

How To Be Beautiful: A Confessional


Over the years I have probably bought enough makeup to stock out an entire Boots, used at least 100 tubs of makeup remover wipes, at least twice that amount on face wipes and at least ten eyeshadow brushes. I've bought and failed at using foundation without looking like an Oompa Lumpa, I've bought triangular sponges which I have no idea why or what for, and I've tried and failed at applying eyeliner to my upper eyelids.

I've purchased translucent powder and spilt an entire pot on my bedroom carpet. I did have a beloved red lipstick at one stage but that was when I was about thirteen and it's since gone to landfill. I've cried my way out of several non waterproof (and waterproof) mascaras. I've woken up of a morning looking like a panda around the eyes. I've been excited at new eyeshadow and eyeliner colours. I find that eyeshadow/eyeliner actually makes me look washed out, especially if I've got dark circles under my eyes.

I've tried and failed to paint my nails and moaned when it chips after two hours. I've gone for years without nail polish and then bought twenty polishes and a top coat/base coat in the short space of two weeks. I admit it, I have long nails and I'm proud of them but then get days when I get bored and end up biting them. I don't actually bite my nails. When they chip I peel them off. When nail polish actually lasts I get bored and peel it off. I just picked my thumbnail because it was slightly chipped on one side.

I love my hair but a few years back I got bored and had it all chopped off. I got bored again and wanted to grow it out. Now it seems to be taking forever to grow back. I can straighten my hair but often get a horrible ridge near the crown when I straighten my fringe. I've had this fringe for seven years approximately (I think). I've had days where I want a pink streak put in it, but most of the time the colour suits me fine. I've only had highlights twice in my short life. I have frizzy hair when I blow dry it so get through a lot of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I still can't tie my hair back neatly without a massive bit of hair hanging out somewhere, plus my arms are tired holding my hair up for so long while I tie it back that I get a professional in to help.

My skin has only started to become clear after a horrendous period of very bad teenage skin. I put it down to tea tree oil, lavender, and Liz Earle products, especially Cleanse & Polish. My skin doesn't really like moisturiser although lately it likes a very light night cream. I don't moisturise often because I worry about it clogging my pores. I get more spots on my chin around the 10th-11th of the month. It's taken me a while to admit I don't need concealer/foundation/powder because if your skin is glowing why cover it up?

But no matter what - I am still well presented despite my flaws/fails at being beautiful. I just go natural but do all the basic groundwork. I don't wear makeup on a regular basis at all. I am often always bare faced.

My reasoning behind today's blog post is thus: Do what makes you happy. Like wearing clothes which you know suits you, being beautiful is pretty much the same. I know that I like being bare faced and keeping it real while not letting it all hang out. It might not work for other people. But it's all relative.

This post brought to you by a failed attempt at applying eyeliner.

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