Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Today I felt a bit bored so I decided to get my Berols out (no puns here, no siree) and do some sketching for a bit. I love my Berol pens, I love them that much I made a fan page on Facebook. Honest. I've always wanted a set, so in 2009 I managed to purchase some from Argos, bundled with some colouring pencils. I am still on the hunt for a decent set of the Fine pens though, but prices are either extortionate, or decent, but then the postage is extortionate. I refuse to pay £10 for felt tip pens! Edit: Actually, I did go looking again and found some for £4, so that will be going in my shopping basket on Amazon. Yay!

The reason why I've taken up the drawing again is for a group I stumbled upon on Flickr called What I Wore Today. The brief? Draw what you're wearing today. Now, as a Polyvore fan, because I can't draw for toffee and I can click with a mouse quicker than I can draw a detailed face I prefer the digital version or just taking a photo and sharing it online. I know I can draw though, but it takes a lot more effort to get it right. I'm just too much of a perfectionist, methinks!

So, armed with my Berols, a pencil, eraser (not saying the English version of eraser, too many puns), and a big piece of paper I began drawing myself today. I used two mediums in order to draw myself. First up, pen and paper. Then I scanned my work in and began editing using Photoshop. This was just to clean up the blotches and to make the scanned work come through a lot stronger. And it does! After attempt one, I printed out my efforts and did some more felt tip based work on the outlines. Once I ate some lunch, I scanned in again and did another clean up on Photoshop. I added some shading, deleted an arm and added a new one (if only real life was that simple), and voila, I was done!

What I Wore Today 24/05/11

So, it's not perfect, but I'm proud of it. I decided against adding eyes, nose and mouth. Sometimes it just looks better without. (although I do have a face, by the way) Only downside is that being Mrs Perfectionist here, I took three hours on it. But for a first attempt, I'm thrilled.

Same time tomorrow?

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