Monday, 2 May 2011

Adventures: A Weekend In Wales


This bank holiday weekend we fancied doing something a bit different, so we went on holiday for a short break (and a bit of quiet time) - we chose one of my favourite places in the whole world, which is Tenby, in Pembrokeshire. I love Tenby, it's got gorgeous beaches and the town itself has an old world feel to it, with modern touches, too.


After a two and a half hour journey by car through some beautiful countryside, taking in the Brecon Beacons and pretty little Welsh villages along the way, and of course, our favourite roadside breakfast van (bacon roll ftw) - we made it into Tenby, and straight away headed for brunch before going to explore the town.


We had a fabulous walk along one of the beaches, we think it was probably about a mile's stretch of sand. There were loads of people walking their dogs, children playing and going rockpooling and so many boats and yachts! I even found a boat with my name on it, which was funny. There were loads of little buried treasures along the shore, ranging from half buried tyres to beach glass. We even encountered the heavy bolted door of the old town mortuary which was an interesting experience!



After exploring the beach, we had a walk along a dry dock (which made me giddy from the sheer height and the lack of railings on the one side!) and then found a little mountain that we simply had to climb. After walking up the steps we found benches, a bandstand, a tiny castle, an art gallery and a lot of cannons. Sounds like a recipe for a relaxing afternoon! With a can of Limonata in hand, we just sat back and watched the world go by on the beach below.



There were boat trips to the nearby Caldey Island, which we watched setting off and coming back in. The weather was glorious! It was so glorious I realised I was again turning a lovely shade of lobster on my arms. Oops! A quick trip to Boots resulted in a fabulous spray after sun which cleared up the sunburn in no time.



After more chilling out up the little mountain we set off to the nearby fishing town Saundersfoot for dinner at a seafood restaurant! I tried a fabulous homemade burger which was sandwiched with caramelised onions, red peppers and dill pickles, served alongside rocket salad, garlic mayo and homemade sea-salted chips. Possibly the best burger I have ever eaten, ever.




The next day, after a huge cooked breakfast we headed onto another small, but favourite seaside village called Amroth. Amroth beach has pebbles in abundance and is simply beautiful for walking, chilling out, and fishing. It was a bit overcast and very windy but still incredibly beautiful. But it definitely blew away the cobwebs!




We finally had a bit of an impromptu seaside picnic of sandwiches, yoghurt, toffee waffles and finished off with a homemade icecream from the local village shop. We then watched the waves for a good while, before bidding the beautiful seaside adieu and departing for home.


Tenby is one of my favourite places in the whole wide world and I love visiting every time as I always discover something new. It's naturally beautiful, and most of the things we get up to are completely free, and we always find we come back absolutely shattered from all of the walking we do!


So, Tenby, till next time, thank you!

More photos in a Flickr set here.

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