Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Adventures: Daisies, Lomo, and Converse

Today I wanted to make my Daily Snap truly brilliant. The weather is fairly sunny, the washing line was up and as I was eating my lunch (poached eggs with rice and BBQ sauce, if you must know - lovely) I had an idea to take a photo of my Lomo Fisheye in the grass. The grass has got a bit long again, and I know there were plans to mow it in a few days so I figured now was my chance.

After eating my lunch, I then thought about my pink Converse. I found myself tying a knot in the laces so that they were conjoined. To the washing line!


I very carefully slung the shoes on the line and then started taking pictures. It was fairly windy out, and I was wearing purple Crocs. (Sue me, they're comfortable and I don't wear them out, except for the garden!)


I had the idea of drawing a heart on one of the toes, but I decided, I like my kicks battered and plain.


I got these on my 18th birthday. They're much loved shoes, and have had so many adventures. And no, I'm not telling you how old I am now.


I also got a shot of the soles, too. They're clean as a whistle (almost) - but don't let that fool you, I have been wearing them!


I also hung my Lomo out to dry. Not really. But still. It was at this moment I realised I'd left my Exposure Comp on -1. That was soon rectified.


I also looked up as well, and saw two airplanes leaving tracks in the sky. With all the volcano ash cloud business happening at the moment, I'm hoping it won't be as bad as last year.

Lomo In The Grass

This is today's Daily Snap photo, and I'm sure you've just seen it (or are about to) - I'm really proud of how this photo came out, especially the way the daisies in the foreground are blurred, and the grass is in front of the lens. I really need to put more film in my Lomo!


It was a happy accident that I managed to take photos of daisies from the ground level. I need to get a placemat underneath my camera to avoid any rogue bugs crawling over it, but I will be doing this again in a few days time, if the daisies are still alive and healthy.

You can see the rest here, if you like!

Also, something I've kept a bit quiet is that I also have a new online gallery for my photographs. You can purchase them, via Boots Photo. I'll be adding these to my gallery shortly. Imagine a pair of Converse on your wall, or the close up of the daisies. Nice! You can find me here!

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