Thursday, 5 May 2011

Accessory Lust List: Officially Addicted To Pretties

Rock jewelry
5 GBP -

Personalised Loveheart Necklace
14 GBP -

I admit it - I have an addiction to shiny things. Shiny unusual things too. I have a little bookmarks folder on Firefox which is stuffed to the rafters with websites which contain lovely things like these (clothes, accessories, homeware, Cath Kidston) so that when I'm either having a bad day or I want something shiny to make me smile (or both) I just open up a couple of the bookmarks and browse. I'm no shopaholic, I don't buy the first thing (or twenty) that I see, but I love just to look, lust over and smile adoringly at the computer, for it brings me pretties. Shiny pretties.

First up, the purple bracelet with the anchor is from Rock 'n Rose. Rock 'n Rose are fabulous - they use vintage charms and turn them into really incredible pieces. I own the Scrabble necklace and I love it! My parents bought it me for Christmas and I adore it, it's unique and no one else (not that I've seen, anyway) has one. This bracelet is gorgeous, it's got a super cute anchor on it, and it's ideal for those days where you want to wear a bracelet, but have to use a computer all day and don't want to have to take it off in order to type an email! (I think we've all been there, right?) Plus, it's nautical - nautical is always in fashion, and oh so chic.

The teal turban is from Rock 'n Rose too. I love turbans. My only problem is that I have a rather large skull and find looking for hats/headbands a nightmare! They do look awesome though, although I do get a feeling if I did wear one I'd be wearing it with a lace dress and trainers, and I have a feeling that might look a bit frumpy. So maybe just a loose fitting tee, shorts and trainers/tough black sandals of joy might rough it up a bit. Either way, it's a beautiful colour. I'm a sucker for a nice teal.

The mirrored heart necklace is from Heidi Seeker - Heidi Seeker rocks my socks. Fact. Ever since I was a young 'un I've always just wanted to wear necklaces and pieces like this amazing website sell. And I do. I also loved Lady Luck Rules OK! (now sadly gone to the big jewellery shop in the sky, but there's always Thriftola, Leona's new vintage shop) as it did similar pieces. I have quite a few bits from Heidi Seeker, a personalised felt necklace with my name on, and a huge felt swallow necklace which is a massive statement piece, and I always kind of wear something understated in order to show it off. Granted, when you wear Heidi Seeker heads WILL turn. People will ask you where you bought it from. And some people will question your sanity, but ignore those people. I always say if you like it, wear it. Ignore the haters. Haters gon' hate, and all that. I think Heidi Seeker is fabulous and that is that, my friends. Oh, and before you ask, my name is not Merle. I would have my full name added to it, of course. And, as before, the outfit would absolutely have to be understated.

The cutout wooden heart belongs to WendyHouse - Oooh, it's so cute! Hearts may be a bit cliche when you can get star print, polka dots and robots printed on just about anything, but hearts are still awesome - the most romantic symbol there is. And if you are in a bit of a romantic mood, a heart necklace this pretty would go great with cream lace, and romantic dresses. A bit of floral too wouldn't go amiss either. And the little rose on it adds a further cute touch to it. Aww!

Oh, and so does this magician's top hat, also from WendyHouse - There's a bunny, in a top hat, and it's on a necklace. *faints* I don't know many necklaces containing this kind of awesome. WendyHouse has loads of really quirky jewellery and accessories and it's all under a tenner, too. So perfect if you fancy a treat that doesn't break the bank, and is different from everyone else. I know I would be wearing this on an extra long chain, and I'd be wearing something either monocrome or ditsy floral print. I just simply love it!

Now all I need is the dollar to purchase these pretties...

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