Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wardrobe Rejuve Day 2: The Shoebox Project, and how you can do it too!

I hit upon a fabulous idea this morning. Day two of my wardrobe rejuve, and I had already organised and thrown out old scarves I no longer wanted (going to a charity shop), and sorted through shoes (three pairs going first dibs to friends, one pair going to a shoe bank) - when it hit me. Why not add Polaroid-style photos of the shoes to each shoebox? It would save me an awful lot of time in the mornings looking for my shoes, and it would also look cool, too.

Slight issue here: What does one do when Polaroids no longer exist, and the vintage Polaroid camera I do own has no film? (not since the late 1990s, anyway)

I thought long and hard about this one, then I had a Eureka! moment and grabbed my camera.

I took a photo of every single pair of shoes I owned, and then uploaded them to my computer.

Then I went onto Photoshop Elements (my version is version 9.0) and opened all the pictures up.

Then I did the necessary actions, sharpening and boosting contrast to make the shoes look gorgeous.

Then I flattened the picture.

Then, I ran an action in Photoshop's Action Player. (in version 9.0 click on Guided, just above the Photo Effects/Layers/Adjustment boxes on the right hand side, then click Action Player.) Once you're in Action Player you can choose from Captions, Weight Loss (not tried this yet but it sounds interesting), or Special Effects. Go for Special Effects, then choose Instant Photo (300ppi). Click Run.

Then watch as your photo becomes a Polaroid. And marvel, because it's awesome!



Who wouldn't want this on the front of a shoebox? Unless these aren't your shoes, of course. Which they won't be. But you get my drift!

Repeat for all the pictures until completely finished. Save each as a JPEG.

Then open up Microsoft Word (or similar word processing program) and add the photos. Now, here's the key thing to remember...

Make these pictures small. I made mine all 5cm x 3.91cm (height x width).

Then get some white card and print it out in colour.

Cut them out.

Then write a brief description underneath, like Purple Keds or Pink Converse.

Put a blob of Blu Tack on the back and stick it to the right boxes.

Stand back, and be smug. You're organised!

Apologies if you own a shoe rack and can't do this, you're missing out! All of my boxes are from Argos, £9.99 for 4. Several sets later and I've got room for all of my shoes. Please note these aren't exactly the ones I have as they open at the front, but if you have a home storage shop, maybe a Dunelm Mill, or maybe even the storage section of your local pound shop, locally - you should be able to locate similar. Or you can just use your old shoeboxes. The one the shoes originally came in. Up to you!

More photos in this set here - hey, maybe if you do it too, you could send me the results and I could post them here? That would be awesome.

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