Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wardrobe Rejuve... and somehow my whole room too.

So I managed to get around to step one of my wardrobe rejuve. And, oddly enough, I loved it! The feeling of throwing things out and organising things felt so, so good. So good in fact, that I'm going to tackle the rest of my room. I know, right? It's a mammoth task but I really do have the time, inclination and energy now. How weird is that?

Anyway, I had two things in mind really for rejuve-ing my wardrobe. One, when it comes to work clothes, to be able to actually find my work trousers, and casual trousers for casual days etc. Secondly, I wanted it organised by colour. Strange, but true. I keep reading about people with colour co-ordinated wardrobes/cupboards etc and desperately wanted one of my own! I don't have the room to divide up by colour in different piles etc, but I could give it a good, albeit it pared down, go.

So I pulled all of my tops out and laid them down on the bed, and got the Post It notes going...

There were vests...

Long tops... too many long tops.

I don't know either. But I found two pairs of pyjama bottoms, a pair of denim shorts and leggings (my missing pair! Yay!) in the piles of clothes. I have no idea where to put the pyjama bottoms though, as my drawer for pyjamas are all filled up. I have an idea on what I can do there, hence why I'm decluttering my whole room now instead of just the wardrobe.

Oh, man, look at that pile of clothes! Luckily I had a bin bag (or two, actually, two) on hand to clean up.

I've decided to throw out the faded clothes. There are a few items I just don't wear anymore, which my friends have first dibs on, as they're still good as new. If not, I know the charity shop will take them. I've even gone to extremes, and started labelling stuff. Me, labelling stuff! I would have gone as far as using a Polaroid camera to take pics of all of my shoes to label them on the box, and maybe I will one day if they ever make film again.

I now have one more wardrobe (the aforementioned in a previous blog post coats and posh frocks wardrobe, which should take about five minutes), then shoes to deal with. Then the wardrobe drawers.

Then after that I have a set of drawers, a desk, and under the bed. And then I'll go to sleep in a heap on the floor.

There is already a benefit to all of this tidying though - I've chucked out all of my crusty old skincare, and discovered the stuff I already had but forgot about, and is still good as new. I feel a bit ashamed that I have so much, so maybe it will spur me on into using it!

I'm back on it tomorrow though. God help my bedroom.

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