Sunday, 17 April 2011

Too many Union Jacks!

Well, it's just under two weeks until the royal wedding and so far, I've seen nothing but flag themed items everywhere! So much that I'm drowning in Union Jacks!*

Some of it really makes me scratch my head.

For example, what about this Kate and Will t-shirt from New Look? Admit it, you've always wanted one. Or, like me, maybe not. As much as a nice slogan t-shirt can really lift a casual outfit, this t-shirt is only really valid for one day. Unless, of course, you drag it out again in ten years time. Then you can call it retro.

Asda sell a Union Jack top hat on an Alice band combo. I'm glad the lady wearing it is happy, because I'm not.

Asda also turn up trumps with a Big Ben costume. Imagine showing up to a fancy dress party in this. In fact, I think it's kind of awesome... *blush*

And yet again, another gruesome twosome from Asda: Union Jack ladies' wig and Union Jack afro wig. Erm, groovy. I think. I can't see Lady Gaga donning either. I'm nothing to do with Asda but so far they have the most patriotic (if you could call it that) items, and the most hilarious. Hats (or wigs) off to you Asda for making me laugh tonight.

The super awesome Cath Kidston sell quite a few things, including this mug. I'm a big Cath Kidston fan, and think the design is quite nice, simple and quirky. Erm, I still wouldn't buy one though. But I know if I knew someone who would love a Royal Wedding mug, I would send them straight to good old CK.

I have seen so many more Union Jack themed items, the good, the bad and the surprisingly nice. In fact, on the run up to the big day I might try and find some more, especially if I see them on my travels. I've right royally enjoyed myself doing this tonight!

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  1. I want the mug I've seen from John Lewis, it just says "Thanks for the day off" lol!
    I'm desperate for a tea towel though, so beautifully cheesy and kitsch :)


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