Sunday, 24 April 2011

Too Many Union Jacks Part 2

Ah, gotta love the Royal Wedding. Since my first post on, erm, Sunday or Monday I think it was, I've been on a mission finding more Union Jack themed tack, I meant merchandise.

In my local Tesco I found an amazing magazine packed with Royal Wedding stuff. Some of it was actually quite nice, others totally ugly, and some that made me scratch my head, and shriek in horror.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Original photo here: (thanks Tesco for letting me use this)

Among some of the stuff on offer (a box of biscuits with W&K on the front? W&K meaning Will & Kate, not Wallace & Kromit) there's a replica of Kate's engagement ring (I KNOW, RIGHT?), royal wedding knickers and a rather tacky charm bracelet. Let it never be said that Tesco didn't pull out all the stops, oh no. You can even have some Prince William champagne, if you like.

Asda, with the exception of the Big Ben costume, you better up your game.

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