Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rejuve-ing my wardrobe

Rejuve-ing, rejuve, rejuve-ing... Is that even a word?! Anyway, I've decided that, with all the nice weather, and the start of another chapter in my life (another story for another time), to do some major decluttering of my wardrobe. And of course, to restock with the basics I sorely need! I keep going through my wardrobe and thinking that, one, I don't wear half of it, and two, I can never find what I need anyway. And I don't even have some of the stuff I really want anyway. Huh. Anyway, I am formulating a plan in order to start changing up my wardrobe for the better, I have no idea where to start though.

First up, I have made a list of things I really want and need, the basics that I don't have, or are so knackered and old, they need throwing out and repurchasing. Now, there is a slight issue with all of this, and it's my height. I'm 6ft 2, and no shops sell tall. No normal high street shops, like your Primark, your Dorothy Perkins (they did, for a very long time. Then they got rid of it. But let's not go there right now, or my blood pressure will shoot up...) or your H&M. I think high street shops would be a lot more fun to visit if they all had a tall line. Considering that petite folk get it pretty easy, with most shops catering for girls with 28" leg lengths, tall girls should be able to go out shopping of a Saturday without mentally calculating which town is the best to visit for tall clothes. (For example I know I will have luck in one shop in Cardiff, but two in Cheltenham etc) I also find, annoyingly, that some of the shops use really cheap materials, and cut the items a bit too thin, meaning that some tops in a normal size are really hard to put on, especially in the arm/chest area. And as for jeans, I might as well tear my hair out. It's so hard finding decent jeans!!!!!!!11 I have three pairs of jeans to my name, two pairs are too big (and not even a belt helps) and one pair is too small. So I either live in jogging bottoms or leggings, and I am so fed up of it. I just want to be like everyone else, and not have to worry about my height, my leg length or which shops to visit.

Ahem, that turned into a rant. I also discovered, to my surprise (or maybe even horror) that my feet have grown to size eight and a half. Which is another thing entirely, since shopping for shoes is even worse than shopping for jeans. :(

So, anyway, where was I? Rejuve-ing my wardrobe, that's what. I have a plan now, which I was thinking about while typing this (and I thought I couldn't multi task, eh?)...

Step one of the plan: Declutter. I have so much rubbish in my wardrobe, stuff I've probably not looked at in a while, two massive piles of t-shirts, lying cluttered in the topbox area, and it has to be sorted. I also have my coat/posh frock wardrobe too which needs a look at. I'm thinking that part should be easy. I'm going to have a morning of just sorting things out. I'm secretly looking forward to it.

Step two of the plan: Work out what I need. I started a list, and it made me go all half inspired, half scared stupid. How on earth will I ever find a pair of jeans, and a decent white blouse? It's going to happen, but it's going to take a really long time.

Step three of the plan: Go shopping. I have a feeling this will take several years to complete my list, being as it is so long, (almost as long as me, ha ha) and finding staples for a girl of my height is a nightmare! Why is it that all the white t-shirts I try on are so see through you can see my flesh? Same with white blouses. It makes me annoyed.

I only tend to have three staple shops now to shop from because of my height. If anyone knows of any more, please shout me, and I'll check it out. My leg length is 36", in other words, bloody huge. My favourite staple tall shops are: Long Tall Sally (really expensive but very nice basics/workwear), New Look Tall (casual stuffs, and jogging bottoms *blush*), and Next (pyjamas - they are the cat's pyjamas. For real.)

So, anyway, I better go make that list...

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