Sunday, 24 April 2011

Photo Love - Photos I love, and why I love them.

Not so long ago I acquired an iMac after my old Windows computer exploded and smoke came out of the back (I know, total shock that was, I was happily reading my updates from friends on Facebook, and the screen turned off, and then I smelt the smoke. There was no bang, but it never switched on again. Which sucked majorly. But thankfully I never lost much in terms of documents/photos/music. That was lucky and it saved a lot of tears. *hugs her external hard drive close to her chest*

It took me a long time to decide on the iMac, I could have gone down the cheaper route of replacing the entire computer with new parts (hard drive, Windows 7, RAM, but who wants to split hairs on what goes inside a computer, eh?), which would have been trickier to install (I know nothing about putting together a computer) or going for something custom built to my specifications. So I decided to go for it. Granted, I chose a few extra things which bumped up the cost (hello Microsoft Office) and it took two days to get the internet working on it, but I'm alive! And I'm incredibly happy.

Hilariously, I've spent loads of time on iPhoto, which is the photo viewing/editing software which comes as standard with the Mac. I imported all my photos from my external hard drive to iPhoto, and god, the memories! I have photos from when I got my first digital camera aged twelve (a three megapixel one from Dixons - god, remember Dixons, people?!), photos from a holiday in New York (few and fair between because my pink Fuji point and shoot camera died halfway through), photos of some really strange things which I don't recall taking, for example, my feet, and photos from very recently which I haven't liberated on Flickr. So, today, I had a go. I love my camera.

I shoot using a Canon EOS 500D. My lenses are 50mm, and the basic kit lens of 18-55mm. Someday I hope to buy some more lenses, once I work out which ones I fancy. For now though, my beloved 50mm, and my 18-55mm work really hard.

So, enough of the talking, have some pictures, dammit!

Can We Pretend? - I took this one on a woodland walk, just before we climbed over a stile into the main wood itself, I saw two planes, almost in tandem with each other, and got my camera primed straight on it. I love how the branches are in the shot, almost blocking the planes, but also adding to the photo and making it pretty and interesting. That was a good shot.

Milka - I believe this was taken on my Sony DSC-W320 point and shoot (basically my little day to day camera for days when I can't lug my Canon around with me - it's a brilliant camera for teens, people who want a basic point and shoot camera to start off with, and people who just want something small and light to carry with them on holiday) - either way, I love this shot, because I was obsessed with Milka Daim at the time, and waited long enough to snap it! Hilariously, I've not had one in months as I'm cutting out chocolate altogether (apart from today, Easter Sunday, of course) - I don't miss it either. Honestly.

Actually, maybe just a little. But this might be because I've had half a shell of my Easter egg anyway.

Cake - this was a fairy cake with basic vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Again, back in the day before I started on my diet. I liked those cakes, although I remember thinking I could have beaten the frosting a lot better.

Raindrops - This was taken on a rainy day, I was bored and wanted to focus on the scene outside the window, and instead my Canon focuses on the raindrops instead. So it made a better photo anyway.

Foiled - I randomly had the idea of taking a photo of foil for no reason whatsoever, other than the fact it sparkles in the light really easily, so I grabbed a scrap from the kitchen, crinkled it, laid it down on my laptop table, activated the flash on my camera and snapped it. It looks like liquid metal (well, kind of) which is another reason why I like it, also the way it's positioned bottom right rather than filling the whole frame. It still just about follows the rule of thirds so that's cool.

But most of the time I don't follow the rule of thirds anyway, so, you know. It doesn't have to fall within the lines to make it interesting and well composed. Sometimes you can go a bit crazy and do what you like. So I do.

Paddington - I like how his face covers the whole frame, it adds a bit of depth to it, plus it makes him look extra wise and thoughtful (possibly about jam sandwiches, you never know).

Finally, we have Branching Out - Taken on a woodland walk by a local lake, I saw this and took it purely because it's a silhouette, and against the blue sky and the clouds, it's colourful too.

Well, now I've bored you with my photos, maybe you'd like to see more on my Flickr stream?

And I might go and liberate some more pics soon. And you'll be the first to know about it!

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