Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Halfway Point, or why decluttering equals a fresh start


So, I'm at pretty much the halfway point of my epic room rejuve today, and it was manic! I'm really pleased with the results and I am officially obsessed. I really want to get it all finished now. With the four day weekend (thanks, Will & Kate!) stretching out ahead of me I'm going to give it a bit of a rest now until Tuesday, but everything is so much better than what it was before. Which is what I wanted in the first place.

I wanted things to be in their place. Everything in their place. I wanted things to be easier to find, to be able to wake up of a morning and find my work trousers instead of trawling through several coathangers of jogging bottoms. I wanted to be able to find my shoes without tipping shoeboxes over. More importantly, I'm starting to think the actual physical act of decluttering, throwing out the old, finding a place for the amazing things I've unearthed, and finding space for the new, is a really great healer. I'm revisiting old times, old memories, and I'm making space to start new ones.

I admit it, I'm a really untidy beast. My desk is a dumping ground for anything and everything. With getting an iMac it's opened up bigger space for me to put my mini fridge where the old computer tower used to live. I even tidied out my sock drawer and found an old purse with £2.64 in. Score!

I've come to the conclusion in my life that it's time to start over, start again, and think about what I want from life and how I'm going to achieve it. And I think having an untidy room full of junk is totally unconductive to starting again. So I've decided, as you know, with the wardrobe rejuve (which is now DONE) three golden rules:

1. If it's good as new but doesn't fit or suit me anymore, give it to friends for first dibs.
2. If friends pass it up, give it to charity or a clothes/shoe bank.
3. If it's broken, throw it away.

Which has worked really well, I've already filled one bin bag and my friends have already picked pieces out that they want which is excellent.

My next challenges are thus:

1. Tackle the purple dresser drawers. The problem with this is that three drawers are fine, there are three others that are ridiculously messy and need sorting out. Am I the only one who has drawers specifically for junk - the stuff that doesn't fit? This needs sorting pronto.
2. Ditto the drawers under the bed. These are also stuffed to the rafters with just about everything you can imagine, from envelopes and jiffy bags to a blood pressure monitor (how?!), feather boa and binoculars.
3. My bookshelves come next, I just think they need tidying and the books need dusting. No more, no less. I will also sort out duplicate proof copies of books to give to a friend to read.
4. My handbag (!) - sounds daft but they just get crammed with rubbish very quickly and it has to be done so that I actually feel better!
5. The hanger hooks on the back of the door - just because there's little carrier bags there I need to investigate.
6. My yarn stash/craft box, aka the What Was I Thinking? box. I might have a friend who could use the yarn.
7. My Lush stash. Too many tins!
8. Any left over handbags which are stored elsewhere but I still might not be able to take them in my room yet, as there's not much space left! But we'll see.

Ay, carumba. (catchphrase circa Bart Simpson, 1991) That's a lot to do. But I think that should cover it.

It's absolutely going to be worth it, anyhow.

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