Saturday, 23 April 2011

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Not posted in a few days. Things have been uber busy in life so I've managed my Daily Snaps and that's been about it! However, I've got several things to update with, which I will do, catching up over this glorious bank holiday!

First up, I have had an ephiphany, and it involves linen. Last week I placed an order on Long Tall Sally for the carrot leg trousers and linen trousers, as you might already know. They arrived today. Sadly, the carrot leg didn't work for me, they were perfect in every single way, except for the fit across my knee.

For those of you who don't know (and that will be most of my readers), in 2009 I suffered a huge deep vein thrombosis in my leg, and several large pulmonary embolisms (blood clots) in both lungs. It's okay, I'm about 80% recovered now (my lungs are okay and most of the clot in my leg has gone etc) but I still have a fairly swollen leg and knee from where it happened. No biggie, except I've been living in either jogging bottoms, two pairs of jeans, a pair of leggings from 2006 or basic black work trousers since it happened. Which, to be fair, after a while, gets kinda boring. It's hard enough being tall without having a dodgy leg, you know.

So, anyway, the Long Tall Sally stuff came today and I tried it all on, I found myself loving the linens straight away! They have a very loose, wideleg, carpenter-style cut, which are very flattering. Amazingly, the linen is super soft, and not at all scratchy. Before I even decided to go for linen trousers, I hated them with a passion, for being sharp and scratchy and plain nasty. But if the majority of girls I've seen wearing them appear to be happy (and not suffering for fashion) in them, then why can't I, goddamnit? It's the start of spring/summer, the weather is getting absolutely glorious and I just want to, okay?

The best part of these trousers is the fact they are comfortable, flattering, and the roll up button tabs. So you can go from wearing them long, to 3/4 length, to cropped just below the knee. Genius, right?! Three different looks in one. You can't fault it.

I'm wearing them right now, without having washed them, and I'm not even itching to death. How awesome is that? Team them with a simple plain tee, vest top or, like I did earlier, a sequinned tunic and you'll be laughing. Don't forget the Keds or the gladiator sandals either to keep cool.

So yes, that's part one of my ephiphany, I also visited LTS today, and bought denim shorts. Me, shorts! It's either the silly season or the hot weather has really rubbed off on me. Since the leg incident, it's been very hard not to wear things that don't cover me from hip to toe, mainly because I don't want to scare OAPs and small children. Plus, short shorts are a bit of a tricky thing anyway. You have to be very skinny in order to pull it off. But I think this hot weather is starting to warm me up for greater things, starting with flashing my legs off a bit. I might even paint my toes later.

Me, painting my toes?! The heat is messing with my brain...

EDIT: I forgot to mention the shorts, they come to just above the knee, so kind of longish Bermuda style denim shorts with a roll up on them. They're nice. But they've not made the LTS website yet, so keep your eyes out for them. I dare you to.

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