Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cinnamon Rolls, American stylee

Today I thought I would attempt cinammon rolls after browsing the Pioneer Woman's blog (warning: this blog is addictive, and filled with both amazing recipes and gorgeous photography, and the Pioneer Woman herself is brilliant - warm, funny and just plain awesome if I'm honest) - I decided I needed to make these. Clicky here for the link. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyway, recipe in hand, I set about converting everything to English terms. Luckily I have a set of cups to do the basic measurements with, but stuff like quarts confused me to death! After a quick Google (and asking  likeminded friends) we worked it out to just under two pints. Also, all purpose flour is plain flour in England, so don't worry if you have no idea what it is (like I did!)

I am thankful for my cups - without these it would have been a lot more complex (luckily if you don't have cups Delia Smith has a handy page on her website to convert cup measurements - thanks Delia! Clicky here) - so if you want to do more American recipes a set of cups are a must have! Places like Tesco and Dunelm Mill are great places to find a set.

I found my yeast from the homebaking aisle of Asda - for the bargain price of 25p for two sachets! Also they had the plain flour on offer for £1 which also helped matters.

Anyway... this morning I set off and began on the epic baking mission that was... Cinnamon rolls!

I followed all of Pioneer Woman's recipe to the letter - from the initial boiling, to the rising, and then the rolling... seemingly as I have never ever made bread before in my life (except at primary school aged maybe five and a bit) I was surprised at how easy and fun it was to make. Even the part where you left the dough to rise for an hour was fun (I spent my time wisely - having an extra long shower, and eating bacon rolls, naturally) - rolling was a bit infuriating and the first batch didn't roll right but it's all going to turn out the same so never mind! I used white sugar for the first batch and switched to demerara for the second batch.

I am now awaiting on the second batch to cook, the first batch literally came out a bit too brown (my fault, should have watched it more closely) so instead of cooking for fifteen minutes at 190 degrees centigrade (conversion on the original 375 farenheit) aim for between six to eight minutes instead. You can't go wrong there.

I skipped the frosting as I don't drink coffee and maple syrup is super expensive over here. But maybe next time!

And having just tasted one of them, I can honestly say it is AMAZING. Like a sweet, soft Chelsea bun (similar to a cinnamon roll but with added dried fruit like sultana) - go me, I just baked bread! And there's so much of it too!

I will be going for a walk to burn off the calories methinks...

But then again, maybe I might have another!

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