Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Adventures: A Most Interesting Walk with added Outfit Of The Day

I had some errands to run today (oh, get me sounding all American - it was boring, actually) so I decided to catch the bus back home. Being the type of girl who was preoccupied with the whole thing (OMG! Not been on a bus since last year! etc) I forgot to take pics. Mostly. I took one, on my phone, but that was it. You can't really take pictures on a bus, if I'm honest. It jerks about too much. You'd get less turbulence on a plane. And I've only been on one twice.

Anyway, the journey was mostly regular stuff, except we went a different route today as I took a different number bus to usual. And as it was a different number, it meant a longer walk home from an earlier stop as the bus won't stop at my usual place. No big deal, I could do with the exercise. I aim to go for a walk at least once a day, and it was a fairly long (to me) route back, which took at least fifteen minutes. If I do another fifteen minuter tonight that will be thirty minutes of exercise. Good, eh? Considering all my troubles with my leg, it might not sound like much, but it is a huge improvement to what I was like a year ago.

So, I got off at the earlier stop, which stopped outside a nearby church.

I'll stop myself here to show you what I was wearing via the magic of Polyvore.

Leopard Print Tunic


A bit peeved actually, making this set on Polyvore has made me realise they've knocked that tunic down to £6. £6! It was out of stock in my size, anyway, but still! I also wore a hot pink watch from Argos (the one seen in the Fashion Charts in Grazia not so long ago), and these sandals, last year from Clarks:


They are so comfy, well, they weren't at first, even though they are suede, but after several small journeys out in them they are broken in, at last!

My handbag was, of course, my trusty Nica (Chocolate large Rosie scoop across body tote, apologies for the long title but it is), and my little grey leopard print tote from Peacocks (several years ago) - no sunglasses, because I left them at home, or rather, in my bag and I couldn't be bothered to get them out.

Anyway, we stopped at the church, and I admit, my outfit was heavy on the black front, and I may have looked a bit emo in it, what with my fringe, NOT that being an emo is a problem. In fact, I was originally going to wear grey leather brogues with this outfit but I looked at the weather and decided for sandals. Plus the hardware (no, not computer hardware, the studs) on the sandals broke it up a little. I felt a bit 1960s meets 1990s Grunge when I went out the door this morning.

Well, considering all the heavy, unrelentless sunshine, I realised that black attracts heat, so I almost immediately felt a bit warm. It then took a grand total of twenty minutes to cross the road because of all the traffic. Who knew an average Wednesday morning could be so, so incredibly busy? Not I. Once I finally cantered across the road (just in case a lorry or a car or something magically appeared out of thin air and came speeding at me, which of course, it didn't) I began walking home. It was all flat from here, baby.

I know, technically it should be Summer, but to me, it's Spring. It's sprung, alright. Lately, I've noticed loads of trees covered in blossom, and every time there's a breeze, the trees just shake themselves loose, and it's raining blossom! It's so pretty and it makes me smile. The air was warm (and I felt a bit cooler as a lot of the walk involved being in the shade) and everything seemed, well, you know, happier. Calmer, because of most folk being back at work and most kids back at school. And just a nice, calm, quiet atmosphere. Okay, it was the middle of suburbia, and it was punctuated by cars speeding past on the main road, but ah well. I was just enjoying myself walking back.

Although, my sandals are incredibly noisy when I walk in them.

And I need a new pair of leggings, stat. Mainly because they've gone a bit too small now, and they've gone a bit thin on the knees.

And finally, the breeze had me constantly checking it wasn't blowing the skirt part of the tunic up.

However, I am pleased with what I'm wearing today. It's nice, the weather is nice, I look a bit grungey, hell yeah.

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