Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Adventures: Festival of Transport

Our town held a Festival of Transport on Easter Monday, so it didn't take much to convince us to go and have a look! (this is also how I got lobster arms, hence my previous post)

I slung the camera around my neck, used the 50mm lens and set the aperture to F3.2. I was good to go. We first took a walk across the fields into town (also a golf course, which meant we spent most of it ducking and diving from the golf balls flying here, there and everywhere) in the lush, green grass, and the bright, gorgeously sunny day.

From there, we headed into town where we encountered plenty of vehicles, vintage cars, bikes, scooters, camper vans...

Funky Mini

There was this Mini with a super funky roof covered in stickers.


Cars with beautiful retro badges.

VW Campervan

VW Campervans.

Red & White

An old Red & White bus.

The lemon coloured Austin

This pretty little lemon-coloured Austin. If I ever own a car I think I would like it in lemon yellow, yes.

A royal carriage.

There was even a royal wedding-themed decorating contest.

The first of many Royal Wedding flags!

And loads of Will and Kate flags. Loads.


Some folk packed picnics and chilled out under trees.


There was even a funfair, and plenty of this.


One owner put red roses on the bonnet.

But that's not all...

I got to sit behind the wheel of one particularly beautiful vehicle.

The tail end

Can you guess what it is yet?

The dashboard

Vintage radio

Furry dice

Yep... a pink Cadillac. The lovely lady who owned it very kindly gave me the chance to sit behind the wheel. Just to sit, not to drive, however. All I can say is... wow. It's not every day you get the chance to sit behind the wheel of a pink Cadillac. And it is everything you would expect it to be. Beautiful. The day I win that immortal lottery, I will be bagging myself one.

It's definitely a tale for the grandchildren.

More photos here.

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