Monday, 18 April 2011

So, I worked out Polyvore then, here's my lust list for the week.

18/04/11 by TheAwesomeLady on

Gingham Cami, Floral Sheer Top, White Ladder Knit Top, Red Breton Stripe Top, Cream Blouse, Polka Dot Wire Head Wrap, Floral Bobby Pins, all New Look Tall with exception of accessories.
Carrot Leg Trousers - Long Tall Sally
Floral Keds - Schuh

So, I worked out Polyvore. I've heard it mentioned all over the place but have never set foot on it before tonight. Well, I have now, and I think I'm addicted! I wanted to show off a few things I quite fancy at the moment (and a few things I might have already purchased, hello carrot leg trousers!) - I've been living in jogging bottoms for far too long (that, and the fact that clothes for girls over 6ft are a nightmare) and it's time to switch it up. I've also purchased a pair of black linen trousers as well (not pictured here as I was getting used to Polyvore and the clipping system), as I fancy a change, and want to get summery! In fact, looking at the gingham cami, the carrot leg trousers, with the floral bobby pins and the floral Keds I feel like sitting in the sunshine with a cold orange juice, sunglasses on, reading a book! The 1950s trend is really big at the moment (and so it should be, it's one of my favourite fashion eras) so I will be tapping into it big style while the shops are stocking it! Polka dots always cheer me up, so that wire head wrap will be mine. I already have the blue and white breton top, so the red and white version would also look fresh and fun. And for a more relaxed look, the jersey button shirt with a pair of jeans (or even the carrot leg trousers, tucked in a bit) and some Keds will look fab too! Work wise, the ladder knit and floral sheer blouses would look fab with black linen trousers, black flat shoes and a plain camisole underneath.

Ooooooooooooooh, I want the Easter weekend to hurry up already so I can go shopping!

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