Monday, 15 October 2018

Rach Eats Lunch: Strawberry & Feta Salad

Strawberry and feta salad recipe

Oh mate. What a weekend it's been. Well - I started off by getting up super early on Saturday and popping up to the hospital. That wasn't for me, by the way, but things worked out rather well so I'm not complaining. While waiting for the appointment, me and my bro decided to go food shopping, with a little list we hastily threw together in the car on the way up. And this is where the fun starts. You see, I think there are two different people in this world: the ones who browse, and the ones who stick to the list. Guess which one I am. And no, as much as I adore lists (I really, really do), I also love looking. But on this day, I compromised. Kicking and screaming. It was fairly straightforward until it came to picking a pizza for tea. I narrowly avoided buying a meal deal with a chocolate pizza (ew) as a dessert, and had a huge cheese one instead. Next time though, I'm going for one of those pizzas with a broccoli base. Honestly - have you heard of such a thing? They sound amazing!

Today's recipe is brought to you by I'm Still Delirious (and Now I'm Ill) - it's so easy, and it's a bit inspired by the supermarket I bought the pizza from but not quite! I'm throwing together cool lettuce with tangy strawberries, cheesy feta, garlic bread (for carbs), and my personal favourite thing I can't stop tasting... balsamic vinegar. So easy, anyone can do it. Let's crack on.


(So simple, so easy)

Serves 1

You'll need:
1 large handful washed lettuce leaves
1 large handful strawberries, with the tops chopped off
60g feta cheese, cubed
1 small handful mixed peppers, sliced
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar glaze
1 piece garlic bread

1. Simple stuff - start off by washing and drying the lettuce leaves, then slicing them into small pieces. Arrange into a bowl.

2. Cut the tops off the strawberries, halve lengthways, and give them a quick wash too, then add to the bowl. Cube the feta cheese, and, you guessed it - add it to the bowl. Do the same with the mixed peppers... which are going where, again? Bowl.

3. Now, the hard part. Grill the piece of garlic bread in the oven (using the grill function - so top level on temperature) for about 2-3 minutes until piping hot, then remove. Gently cut into little bits and pieces (your croutons) and then... guess what... add it to the bowl.

4. Finally, finish up with one final drizzle of balsamic vinegar glaze (not too much guys) and then... eat. And enjoy. (Bowl.)

This. This was gooooooooooood. It was absolutely delicious and so tasty - a lovely mix of flavours which I ate really quickly. It's well worth it for days when you fancy a lighter meal. You should try it.